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W3C Help

1. Changing Font Size

For your information, most of the web browser has provided the facility to change the font size. For example, to change the font size according to your web:

Google Chrome
On thePagemenu section, select zoom.Zoom > Larger

Mozilla Firefox

On theViewmenu section, select zoom. View > Zoom > Zoom In

Internet Explorer

On theViewmenu section, select Text Size. View > Text Size > Largest

On theViewmenu section, select Text Size. View > Text Size > Increase

Macintosh shortcut: Command+

Windows shortcut: Ctrl++

On theViewmenu section, select Zoom. View > Zoom > %

Macintosh Shortcut: Command+

Windows Shortcut: + or 0

On theViewmenu section, select Make Text Bigger. View > Make Text Bigger
Macintosh Shortcut: Command+

However, we only provide the facility to change the font size of the contents. The function is provided on each page of this portal. Click on ( ) icon to enlarge or downsize your text’s font.

2. Color Option

In this portal, the users are able to change the color theme of the portal to make it more visible for those who had color blindness. Users can select a color theme from the color options provided by clicking on the following color options:

Pilihan Variasi Warna

You can also make a choice on this page by selecting any color options follows:

Tema Hijau Green Theme Tema Biru Blue Theme Tema Kuning Yellow Theme Paparan Kontras Tinggi High Contrast Display

3. Text Reader

For this function, you need to click the speaker icon and wait for the content to be read automatically.


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Other Languages
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